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 The 5 Things You Can Do for Easier Subaru Service and Better Subaru Performance

The 5 Things You Can Do for Easier Subaru Service and Better Subaru Performance

Keep It Clean
Protect your Subaru from rust, dirt, and other issues on both the interior and exterior of the vehicle by keeping it clean. Have your vehicle fully detailed monthly for the best results. There are full-service car washes that offer comprehensive detailing packages to help simplify the process for you.

More frequent cleaning may be necessary if you have to deal with exposure to sand, salty air, tree sap, or bird droppings. That doesn’t mean you need an interior cleaning as often, but you should take care of the exterior as needed with a wash and wax.

Follow Your Subaru Service Schedule
Your Subaru was designed and built by engineers with a complete understanding of how the vehicle should be cared for. So your Subaru service schedule can keep you up-to-date on which services are due. This will ensure your vehicle functions perfectly while staying warranty compliant.

Listen for unusual sounds. Turn off the radio and listen to what your Subaru tells you as you drive and while idling. Have any issues looked after by an experienced Subaru mechanic at the first sign of trouble.

Go Easy on the Engine
Drive your Subaru with care, being light on the gas and the brakes to avoid frequent replacement of some parts. Make sure your vehicle is completely stopped before putting it into a different gear. Otherwise, your transmission will be under stress and will affect the fuel economy in your Subaru engine.

Check the Fluids
When between Subaru service appointments, check your fluid levels and tire pressure topping them off as needed to reach the manufacturer’s specifications. This will give you a longer life for your tires and improve fuel economy. Your fluids will allow your vehicle to operate efficiently.

Warm the Engine
Try not to start your Subaru and drive away immediately, especially if it has been sitting for some time. Oil will be pulled down due to gravity, leaving the top of the engine components less lubricated.

Give it about 30 seconds, or longer if the vehicle has not been driven in over six hours, so the Subaru engine can acclimate with the oil and become properly lubricated. This will keep you out of the Subaru service center and on the road longer.

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