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 Why you shouldn’t disregard the warning lights on your car

Why you shouldn’t disregard the warning lights on your car

Innovative safety devices are included in modern vehicles to improve driving security. They have dashboard warning lights that flash to let you know what’s wrong. Warning lights are essential because they inform the driver of possible problems with certain vehicle parts and can spare you the bother of dealing with expensive and complex Subaru auto technician repairs.
Vehicle owners should be aware of the following warning lights:

Airbag Light 
Airbags can save our lives in collisions. If the airbag light is on, there may be an issue with one or more airbags in the system, which might prevent one of the airbags from deploying in the event of a collision. The best course of action is to check for an electrical issue. If you want a professional opinion, check with the Subaru service Carol Stream technician close to me.

Oil Light
When the oil light comes on, it may indicate that the oil pump is malfunctioning or that the engine’s oil level is low and may require a Subaru oil change. Both issues are mechanical and need to be examined right away.

Tire Pressure Light
This has major significance. If the tire pressure indicator comes on, the tires’ pressures are not balanced. Your tires’ pressure might be either too low or too high. With your Subaru mechanic, this issue may be inexpensively and quite easily fixed.

Temperature Light
You need to stop right away and turn off your engine if you notice this light warning. This is a dangerous indication that the engine is overheating or is too hot, and continuing to operate the engine might do irreversible harm.

Service Engine LightWhen this glows, it might indicate anything, such as a loose gas tank cap or even a hidden electrical problem. But if you notice this light, it’s always a good idea to visit a local Subaru repair.

Brake Light
Brake lights can be a symptom of a mechanical issue with the brakes or a low level of brake fluid in the automobile or other vehicle. Additionally, if the ABS or warning light is on, it may be a sign that the ABS mechanism is malfunctioning. It can be a problem with the system that prevents the wheels on your car from locking up.
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