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 How to protect your Subaru from autumn?

How to protect your Subaru from autumn?

Preparing your Subaru for the autumn season is crucial now that the weather has started changing. Here is an overview of our top suggested car maintenance tips for the autumn season and some of the care requirements for Subaru vehicles in the Subaru Carol Stream area. Subie Clinic keeps cars in excellent condition all year round. Here is a list of our suggested maintenance procedures for autumn and some advice for Subaru cars.

Inspect The Tires
Your car’s tires are the only component, out of all the car’s parts, that contact the pavement. Then it’s vital to check the pressure of your tires and the tread depth, so you may rest assured that they will endure whatever the season brings. On the door sill of your car is where you may locate the tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Our Subaru service crew is ready to help you measure the pressure of your tires.

Measuring tread depth
When you don’t have a tread measurer on hand, you can test the depth of your tread with a penny. Tires are considered dangerous if they have less than 4/32 inches of tread depth. To test the depth of your tread, put a penny in the grooves of your tires and see if you can still see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head.

Check The Wipers
While summertime can be rough on your windshield wipers as they melt with the heat, the fall can also bring unforeseen storms. To ensure that you have a clear field of vision no matter what the season brings, come to our Subaru repair Carol Stream workshop and replace your outdated windshield wipers before it starts raining.

Car’s Battery Testing
Batteries wear out faster when exposed to high temperatures. Stop by Subaru mechanic Carol Stream service, after Summer, to check your car’s battery as it may be weakened and not able to support the demand that turning a cool engine on may require.

Oil change
Your motor oil’s foe, heat, could prevent it from giving your engine the protection it needs this fall. Make sure to visit the Subaru oil change Carol Stream facility for an oil change if it has been more than 5,000 miles since the former change. Ensure your engine has the protection it needs for the upcoming fall season.

Trust Subie Clinic To Keep Your Vehicle In Its Best Shape
It’s been a pleasure to provide you with our top vehicle maintenance pointers for the Autumn season. Is your Subaru due for a service? Feel free to contact our experts at Subie Clinic for assistance. Our Subaru service center Carol Stream technicians have ASE certified and are experts in Subaru maintenance and repair. We provide genuine Subaru spare parts and all of our service and repair work comes with a limited guarantee for your complete satisfaction. Your Subaru will always be prepared for the next adventure if you allow us to maintain it.

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