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 The Importance of a Subaru Oil Change

The Importance of a Subaru Oil Change

You can schedule the oil change of your Subaru at the Subie Clinic from the convenience of your house.  Changing the oil periodically will prevent damage to the engine, saving you time and money. Even though oil change is a basic service, it is of great importance to keep your engine’s performance.  Over time, the oil degrades, and the oil filter wears out, causing long-term damage to your engine and more expensive and time-consuming repairs. Our Subaru oil change Carol Stream team is committed to providing the best customer service.

The condition of the oil is vital to the performance and the lifespan of your Subaru engine. To keep the oil clean, regular changes are needed. The clean oil will keep the engine components moving smoothly, delivering ideal power and optimizing fuel efficiency. As the oil progressively degrades, losing its lubricating capacity, the engine has to work harder, using more fuel and losing efficiency. This produces increasing friction and the degraded and dirty oil will progressively cause the different engine parts to heat up and warp, eventually leading to your engine seizure and a very expensive repair.

Get Your Oil Changed Timely
Your car will need a first oil change when it reaches approximately 3,000-3,500 miles. This is known as the “breaking in” period, and the oil and filter usually degrade faster. After this, the oil and filter will need to be replaced every 6,000-7,000 miles. The latest Subaru models run on a synthetic oil blend, with extra additives to increase its lifespan.

While your Subaru is at our Subaru mechanic Carol Stream facility, it is in good hands. Our Subaru skilled and knowledgeable technicians are factory-trained with specialized experience in this brand. Therefore, you won’t find a better option to better serve your Subaru than the Subie Clinic. No one will know your Subaru better than our Subaru service center Carol Stream technicians. They can perform the oil change promptly and efficiently. Our spare part center is fully stocked with genuine Subaru oil filter replacements, and we use only the approved synthetic oil your Subaru car requires.

Schedule a Service Appointment Today
Contact us to schedule the next oil change your Subaru needs in due time. You can schedule your visit to the Subie Clinic from your home. Give us a call and let our Subaru service experts do the rest.

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